Do You Know What Your Users Are Doing Inside Your Web or Mobile App?

I’m not talking about high-level stats like sign ups or downloads. Those are easy to figure out.

I’m talking about specific and actionable insights like:

  • What attributes do my best users share e.g demographics, traffic source, etc?
  • What does an average user do after signing up for my product?
  • Where are users getting stuck in our onboarding funnel?

These are the kind of insights that can help you improve your key metrics by 10%, 50% and even 100%.

You can get these kinds of insights from different analytics tools. Mixpanel, Amplitude, Kissmetrics, Heap Analytics, Segment and the list goes on.

However, before you can start getting these insights, you need to implement one of these tools. To properly do that, you need to complete an Excel or Google Sheets tracking plan.

This is the one tool that can help you avoid most of the mistakes that come up when setting up event-driven analytics tools.

I prepared a short video that will show you how to do this plus I’ll give you the same template that I use with my own clients. You can download both of these things by clicking the link below:

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  • Before we started working with Practico Analytics, we had tried to implement Mixpanel but struggled to get any useful insights out of the tool. Our team didn't have much analytics experience which is why we reached out to Ruben. Ruben was able to help us create a tracking plan for Mixpanel and which helped us track our users across our web and mobile apps. He also helped our development team properly implement this plan and he provided training on these tools to our management team. Our team is now able to see exactly what our users are doing inside our product.
    CREATUBBLES - Web, iOS and Android Apps
  • Working with Ruben from Practico has been crucial to our business. He started by helping us audit our Google Analytics setup and found critical setup issues that affected our reporting. He then worked with us to sort through our data and helped us create our core reports while avoiding the sampling issue in Google Analytics. Having him as an expert resource made it easier for our team to understand exactly what our users were doing and how we could present this information to our stakeholders.
    VOTER'S EDGE - Web App
  • Practico Analytics was essential for our implementation of a fully functioning analytics program within our company. Without our own in-house data expert, we could not have set up our analytics program without Practico. They started by helping us to analyze all the metrics we were currently tracking across the company, and what data we wished we were tracking. They then helped us to drill down and determine which metrics were essential for the stage of growth we were at.Finally, they helped us to design an automated system for tracking the data from all the disparate sources that our B to C company was dealing with. I cannot recommend them more highly.
    CHRIS B.
    AIRBANQ - iOS and Android Apps
  • Ruben from Practico Analytics is quite simply a Mixpanel Guru and Analytics wiz. Extremely professional, very knowledgeable and just amazingly helpful guy who will ensure you get your Mixpanel and Segment (or any other tool) tracking configured the right way, as trust me, it's so easy to make mistakes and put your data in a bad format.
    SIMON T.
    AUTOLOTTO - Web, iOS and Android Apps
  • Practico Analytics has helped us lay the proper analytics foundation for different projects by guiding us on the best practices of implementing tools like Segment, Mixpanel and Google Analytics. This foundation ensures that we are tracking the right metrics and are able to access the data that we need to make marketing and product decisions.
    CAPTIVA COMPANIES - iOS and Android Apps




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