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Learn How to Find Insights In Your Data to Reduce Your CAC, Improve Your Onboarding or Increase User Retention.

Everyone loves to hear insights like "70% of your users are on desktop" or "50% of your traffic lands on your homepage" but are these insights actually helping your business?

I'm interested in helping you find actionable insights that will impact your bottom line. This means spending less money to acquire users, improving the onboarding experience for new users and increasing long term user retention.

This is why I created a short video course that will show you the 6 reports that I think everyone in charge of growth should be looking at on a regular basis

These are the fundamentals reports that will help you with the 3 goals I listed above. Here's how these videos will help you:

Reduce CAC: Video 1 and Video 3
Improve Onboarding: Video 2, Video 4, Video 6
Increase User Retention: Video 3, Video 5, Video 6

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Discover the 6 Critical Reports That Will Help You Hit Your Targets
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