Analytics Resources

Over time, I have created several resources (PDFs, videos, worksheets, etc) to solve the common analytics problems & questions that I see my clients face all the time. This is a complete list of those resources.

They are all available to you, free of charge.



6 Analytics Reports You Should Be Running

6 Analytics Reports Every Product or Marketing Manager Should Be Running

In this short video course, I’ll show you the 6 reports that every product or marketing manager should be running. These are the fundamentals that you need to master before moving on to advanced tactics.

Web and Mobile App Analytics Bundle

Download our Web and Mobile App Analytics Bundle

Get all of our essential analytics resources that will help you improve your marketing attribution, increasing your conversion rates, improve your onboarding funnel and reduce churn.

The Ultimate Video Course for Mixpanel Analytics - Everything You Need to Know About Implementing and Using Mixpanel

The Ultimate Video Course for Mixpanel Analytics

This free video course covers¬†everything you need to know about Mixpanel analytics including implementation and how to use the core reports. There’s over 3 hours of video content across 29 lectures.

Sample Analytics Tracking Plan + Video

In this short video, you will learn:

  • Why you need a tracking plan before you implement Mixpanel,, Intercom or similar tools.
  • How a tracking plan will help you avoid screwing up your analytics implementation
  • How to design a “good” tracking plan even if you have never done it before

A 25-minute Crash Course on

One of the most popular analytics tools out there right now is I get a lot questions on how this tool works, why you should use it, can you implement it with Mixpanel and so on. This 25 minute video answers all of these questions and more.