Analytics Resources

Over time, I have created several resources (PDFs, videos, worksheets, etc) to solve the common analytics problems & questions that I see my clients face all the time. This is a complete list of those resources.

They are all available to you, free of charge.


Discover the Hidden Gems in Your Data Haystack

In this checklist, I’ll help you discover the hidden gems within your data through a checklist of 10 Growth Areas.

6 Analytics Reports Every Product or Marketing Manager Should Be Running

In this short video course, I’ll show you the 6 reports that every product or marketing manager should be running. These are the fundamentals that you need to master before moving on to advanced tactics.

Analytics Tracking Plan + Video

In this short resource, you will learn why you need to be creating a tracking plan before ever writing any tracking code for tools like Mixpanel, and Amplitude. I’ll show how to fill out this document and what you should keep in mind.

Get More Customers With Data Email Course

In this email course, I will show you how to use to data to get more customers. I’ll cover strategy, tools, automation and much more. This course contains everything we have learned over the past 4 years and 55+ projects and we have condensed it into nine email lessons.

Analytics Toolkit for Web & Mobile Apps

In this resource, I will help you go from 0 to Insights in 14 days or less. I’ll help you understand what tools you should be using, how to implement the right data and how to surface insights on a regular basis.