Wiehan Britz

October 25, 2018

Analytics Teardown for Mobile Gaming App (Case Study + Mobile App KPIs)

Note from Ruben: We have come to the last piece of our industry-specific analytics tracking plan series and want to end off on a whimsical note. So far, we’ve covered (1) Wistia, a SaaS analytics tracking plan with SaaS KPIs, (2) Meetup, a popular Marketplace app tracking plan and (3) […]
August 23, 2018

Analytics Teardown for eCommerce Products using Indochino (Case Study + eCommerce KPIs)

Note from Ruben: We have built up good momentum with our tracking plan series and I’m excited to release our third installment. So far, we’ve created a case study (with Marketplace KPI examples) for Meetup. We’ve also looked at Wistia and how they could go ahead and create a tracking […]
August 16, 2018

Analytics Teardown for SaaS Products using Wistia (Case Study + SaaS KPI Examples)

Note from Ruben: I’m excited to share the second article in our tracking plan series. Our free tracking plan resource is one of the most popular templates we offer today and we recently decided to improve this template by showing you exactly how we would fill it out for different industry […]
August 4, 2018

Analytics Teardown for Marketplace Products using Meetup.com (Case Study + KPI Examples)

Note from Ruben: One of my favorite things that we get to do here at Practico is creating actionable content that any company can use to improve their current analytics data. This is what led us to provide a free tracking plan template which has become one of our most […]