How Fast Does Your Team Deal With Simple Requests?

Insight of The Week - Sept 24 2018

Insight of The Week - Sept 24 2018

I have noticed something interesting about companies who make progress on their goals and KPIs. The people within these companies are able to quickly take action on simple requests. This may sound obvious but there is a huge difference in how long things take at different companies.

Let’s use a simple example: getting access to an existing analytics tool like Google Analytics. Some companies will be able to provide this in a timely fashion, usually within the same day or within 48 hours. Other companies can take days or even weeks to provide this and you would likely have to remind them multiple times.

This seems like a non-issue right? So what if some people forget to give you access and need reminders to do it? I believe this is a symptom of a much large problem: lack of focus.

The companies who struggle with these simple requests tend to also struggle to get things done. I have been in situations where a company wants to get access to a specific report. This means they need to do some implementation work and then create the report. However, instead of just doing it, they find themselves talking about 4 weeks later. This means they just spent 4 weeks doing something else (which may or not be important). They lost focus and couldn’t follow through.

Making progress on your KPIs and targets means having a singular focus for a period of time (30 days, 90 days, etc). Jumping from problem to problem is going to make things much harder than they should be.

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Ruben Ugarte
Ruben Ugarte
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