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Autolotto - Mixpanel / Segment

Autolotto - Mixpanel / Segment

Practico Helped AutoLotto Lay the Proper Analytics Foundation

We helped AutoLotto create a tracking plan for Segment & Mixpanel which became a cornerstone in their analytics, marketing and product strategy.

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Events created

These events & metrics covered the important metrics & actions for AutoLotto.


Apps Tracked

The tracking plan was created for 2 mobile apps (iOS and Android) and 1 web app.


Hours Saved

The time that AutoLotto saved by working with Practico instead of trying to figure it out through trial and error.

About the Client

AutoLotto is re-inventing the lottery. Play the Powerball from your phone in just a few taps. Never lose a ticket, never miss a jackpot, cash out anytime. AutoLotto is completely free to use.

The Business Problem

AutoLotto needed help properly setting up Mixpanel through Segment. The problem was that no one in the company had ever set up event-based analytics tools and they wanted to ensure that they did it right.

At the time, AutoLotto was getting ready to do a pre-launch marketing campaign and needed to track key metrics to measure the performance of this marketing effort. This meant being able to track how users interacted with their website and within their apps for iOS and Android.

The Solution

Practico Analytics helped AutoLotto lay the proper analytics foundation by working with them to create a comprehensive analytics tracking plan. This tracking plan contained all the important actions that users could take within their apps and website structured for Segment & Mixpanel.

The tracking plan created for Segment & Mixpanel.

The tracking plan created for Segment & Mixpanel.

We also helped them understand the best practices for implementing Mixpanel and Segment. This meant things like:

  • How to create global and reusable events
  • Properly using properties to capture critical information for segmentation
  • How to identify users accurately and capture their name, email, etc
  • Provided technical support during the implementation of events.
How the data looked in Mixpanel

How the data looked in Mixpanel

At the end of the day, Practico helped Autolotto ensure that their data was structured properly from the start. This helped them avoid data corruption issues and more importantly, allowed them to properly understand how their users were using their apps.

  • Ruben from Practico Analytics is quite simply a Mixpanel Guru and Analytics wiz. Extremely professional, very knowledgeable and just amazingly helpful guy who will ensure you get your Mixpanel and Segment (or any other tool) tracking configured the right way, as trust me, it's so easy to make mistakes and put your data in a bad format.
    SIMON T.
    AUTOLOTTO - Web, iOS and Android Apps

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