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Phrase Expander - Google Analytics / Mixpanel

Phrase Expander - Google Analytics / Mixpanel

Practico Helped PhraseExpander Implement E-Commerce Tracking

We helped PhraseExpander properly implement ecommerce tracking and other advanced functions in Google Analytics. This allowed PhraseExpander to track conversions from different sources of traffic.

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Reports Generated

Practico helped create 6 crucial reports to answer important business questions.


Advanced GA Features

The implementation used two advanced Google Analytics features: e-commerce tracking and cross domain tracking.


Hours Saved

The time that PhraseExpander saved by working with Practico instead of trying to figure it out through trial and error.

About the Client

PhraseExpander is a great text expander for Windows, designed to save time to Doctors and Pros by autocompleting phrases as you type and create templates.

The Business Problem

PhraseExpander wanted to expand their marketing efforts but didn’t have the right analytics foundation for measuring this marketing traffic. They were using Google Analytics but hadn’t set up special functions like e-commerce tracking.

They wanted to answer question such as:

  • Where are my best customers coming from?
  • Are people taking a free video course more likely to buy?
  • How long does it take for a user to become a buyer? (length of the sale cycle)
  • What are the download, installations, and purchase conversion rates (for new and old customers)?
  • What’s the LTV of the customer?

The Solution

Practico Analytics helped PhraseExpander by helping them define what metrics were important and which metrics would help them answer the questions listed above.

Practico then helped them implement the necessary changes to their tracking in Google Analytics & Mixpanel. This implementation was done by using Google Tag Manager which simplifies the management of analytics events.

How the events looked inside of Google Tag Manager

How the events looked inside of Google Tag Manager

One of the major elements of the implementation was e-commerce tracking for Google Analytics. This advanced function of GA helped PhraseExpander view their sales data inside of Google Analytics. PhraseExpander could then view the monetary performance of their marketing channels and allow them to remove channels that were underperforming.

An example of the tracking code e-commerce tracking.

An example of the tracking code e-commerce tracking.

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