Typical Client Results

Imagine this…

You walk into your weekly strategy meeting and your team is going over the recent campaigns which have increased signups by 20% and user retention by 10%.

You’re already thinking of what other campaigns your team can run knowing full well that you’ll have the data to back up any results (and to learn from what works and what doesn’t).

Let’s go back in time to see how you got here.

A few months ago you decided to get serious about your analytics and data strategy. As a result of this choice:

  • Your team is now able to use data to analyze what campaigns actually work and where you should spend your limited resources.
  • You discovered why your users love your product and why they keep coming back to it.
  • You are able to attribute what campaigns are driving your best users and not just top of funnel signups.
  • You can segment your users based on behaviors, demographics and more and then take action on these segments.
  • You decreased the internal frustration among your team and increased their ability to gauge the impact of their work.
  • All of these insights have resulted in dramatic improvements to your KPIs like LTV, CAC, user retention and to your company’s bottom line.

All of these business improvements could be part of your story this year or this quarter including the added benefits of peace of mind, less stress and more freedom to take bigger risks in your business.

What's next for you?

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