Case Studies

The Situation

A fast-growing marketplace company needed data to understand who their best users were across their web, iOS and Android apps. They needed to improve the onboarding experience for new users and to increase user retention for existing users.

The Intervention

Practico met with the founders of the company to prepare an analytics strategy that would provide their entire team with the data they need to measure the impact of their work. Practico then helped them properly implement Google Analytics and Mixpanel to track the customer journey from signup to retention. The implementation included coaching on proper data collection practices to ensure data accuracy, something the client had struggled with in the past. Finally, Practico trained all major stakeholders on how to properly use the tools implemented and how to analyze the data for relevant insights.

The Results

The company has successfully adopted data by implementing a company-wide Slack channel where anyone can request a report or get their data questions answered. This makes data easily accessible to everyone even if they aren’t experts in Mixpanel or Google Analytics.

They are now able to dig into random spikes of activity and quickly diagnose what happened.

They were also able to use data to inform a redesign of their onboarding experience.

Finally, they were able to start segmenting their users by key attributes or behaviors to better understand retention.

The Situation

A SaaS company wanted to know exactly what marketing campaigns were working and where they should focus their resources. They had access to high-level numbers such as total demos booked but didn’t have enough data to answer specific questions like “which of our blog posts is driving the most demo requests?” or “what pages do our¬†users view before booking a demo?”.

The Intervention

Practico met with the marketing team to determine what questions they needed to answer and what existing data was available. Practico then helped them improve their implementation of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics which weren’t being used to their full potential. Finally, Practico provided company-wide training sessions to the entire marketing team and offered ad hoc analysis support around the creation and interpretation of their data over the following months.

The Results

The marketing team has successfully adopted the data and every team member is now able to generate the reports they need without having to go through a data analyst.
They are now able to see which blog posts were leading to conversions and what call to actions are most effective within those blog posts.

They are also able to determine what channels should get more resources and which ones should get less:
Finally, they are now able to dig deeper into the specific user behaviors that drive conversions for their product.

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