Using Data to Better Understand the Impact of Commitment Filters in Your Product

Commitment filters are steps where users have to provide information (e.g. credit cards, identification, phone numbers, etc) before being allowed to use the product. A typical example here is to ask for a credit card before providing a free trial.

There are different approaches to using these filters. Some people advocate for removing them altogether and letting the user experience the full product without any constraints while others believe this approach attracts lower quality users.

From our perspective, we think you should let data answer this question for your product. Data will let you measure the short and long-term impact of using commitment filters. For example, let’s imagine that you’re considering asking for a credit card during the onboarding flow.

In the short term, you will likely see a drop in overall conversion rate for your onboarding flow but in the long term, you might see an increase in retention (and decrease in churn). Having the right data should make answering these questions relatively straightforward.

Actions for This Week:

Does your team have the right data structure to be able to measure the short and long-term impact of commitment filters? If not, what do you need to get in place to be able to do this?

Interesting Reads and Resources

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One more thing before you go! Are you getting the data you need to grow your company?

I find most companies are stuck with high-level metrics and they aren't able to properly understand what actually drives user growth for their web and mobile products. To do that, you need the right data and the right tools.

If this sounds like your situation, then you should download our free tracking plan (and tutorial video). This is the document that you should create before you ever implement tools like Mixpanel, Amplitude, Segment, and Intercom. Click the image below to download your own free tracking plan (and tutorial video).

Ruben Ugarte
Ruben Ugarte
I'm the founder of Practico Analytics and I created this company to help companies use analytics data to grow their web and mobile products. I love combining data, psychology, and systems in work and in personal projects.

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